Weather and COPD: How to Combat the Devastating Consequences

Posted by Eden Coleman on Oct 20, 2016 1:16:03 PM

Now that summer has been wrapped up and we are in the middle of autumn, meaning winter isn’t that far away. When diagnosed with a chronic respiratory disease such as COPD, weather conditions can have a huge impact on your symptoms, as well as the way you manage/treat those symptoms.

Patients, especially those recently diagnosed, are often unaware of the impact both cold and hot weather can have on their felt symptoms. As well as the similarities and differences between the affects of cold and hot weather in regard to their symptoms.

Weather changes are apart of the many factors that can trigger and exacerbate COPD symptoms, specifically, shortness of breath, cough, mucus production, as well as fatigue. Cold air, warm air, humidity, and wind can all exacerbate these symptoms.

No matter the weather conditions, you need to be extremely vigilant about how specific weather conditions affect your COPD symptoms. While taking the necessary actions to combat the affects of weather. If this is a concern of yours, which it should be, you have come to the right place.

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The Official Guide to Exercising with COPD

Posted by Eden Coleman on Sep 14, 2016 4:53:17 PM

Did you know that pushing yourself to exercise within reasonable limits can actually help to manage and improve the quality of your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?

Upon a COPD diagnosis, your entire life is flipped upside down. What you may have thought was attributed to aging, has been diagnosed as a full fledged respiratory disease.

As COPD affects your lungs, causing scarring, inflammation, and an excess production of mucus that makes it increasingly difficult for your lungs to absorb oxygen.

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9 Mucus Clearing Techniques for COPD Patients

Posted by Eden Coleman on Mar 4, 2016 3:41:10 PM

As a patient diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you are faced with a variety of symptoms.

These range from shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, wheezing, chronic cough, chest tightness, and excessive mucus (phlegm) production to name a few.

You may not experience all of them but for a large portion of patients, they are faced with an excessive amount of airway blocking mucus production.

Excess and thick mucus (sputum, secretions, phlegm) in your lungs can lead to increased levels of shortness of breath (breathlessness) and higher chances of developing a disease worsening lung infection such as pneumonia.

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Tax Deductible Oxygen Expenses

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Feb 26, 2016 3:40:00 PM

Tax time is upon us again. It seems that tax burden is going up every year and refunds area getting smaller and smaller. But, according to the IRS, a large percentage of allowable deductions go unclaimed every year. If you feel like a little light reading before bed time you can review the 2015 US tax code to make sure you’re getting everything you are entitled to. It’s only 74,608 pages! IRS Section 502 which pertains to medical deductions is only 27 pages but we’ve hit some of the highlights here for you so you can ask your tax professional about them. These numbers change over time but generally speaking you should be able to write off 20% of medical expenses over $2120 if your taxable income is $84,000 or less.

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The Official Guide to COPD Nutrition

Posted by Eden Coleman on Feb 18, 2016 1:05:00 PM

Exercise, pulmonary rehab, oxygen therapy, and support groups are important factors for properly managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and each play a vital part in minimizing the overall severity of your COPD symptoms. Proper nutrition should not be forgotten.

As a patient with COPD it's important to realize that due to the increased workload COPD puts on your lungs and body, your body can require up to 10 times the daily caloric intake than that of a healthy person to supplement the increased energy demand. COPD often leads to many patients becoming malnourished and underweight due to a lack of appetite. COPD results in additional health complications and even the development of new or worsening COPD symptoms (flare ups). 

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Share Your Story: Kathy

Posted by Eden Coleman on Jan 12, 2016 2:18:37 PM

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Ringing in the New Year with a Toast is Beneficial to Your Health

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Jan 1, 2016 11:37:05 AM


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Leonard Nimoy's Daughter Julie Shares Her Story

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Dec 2, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Some say that even quitting heroin is easier than quitting smoking. Back in the 50’s and 60’s no one knew the dangers of smoking, and there were even some ads that touted smoking as a healthy practice. It was during this era of misinformation that Leonard lit his first cigarette leading to a decades long habit. He did end up kicking that addiction but 30 years later it became evident that the damage had been done and he was diagnosed with COPD.

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Atmotube: The Portable & Quick-Witted Air Pollution Monitor

Posted by Eden Coleman on Nov 20, 2015 9:00:00 AM

As a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) you are well aware of the impacts indoor and outdoor air quality can have on your respiratory symptoms. Until now the most effective method for checking the air quality was through the daily Air Quality Index (AQI). Which only shows the air quality outside but what about your home, office, or shopping mall? Atmotube now allows you to take a personalized air quality reader with you wherever you go. Atmotube pollution monitor is battery powered and lets you know in real time if the air you're breathing is toxic, as well as what contaminants are present in the air. 

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Boost Your Immune System To Avoid Exacerbation

Posted by Lisa Burkhart on Nov 13, 2015 8:00:00 AM

What starts off as a simple cold or even mild flu can land a person with COPD in the hospital and can take months to recover from.  Stay healthy this cold and flu season by giving your immune system health a boost!  Not only will your chance of getting sick go down, you’ll have more vitality and feel better in general.

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