The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your COPD Management Today


Learning how to properly manage COPD is a stressful process, especially right after a diagnosis. Majority of patients either don't know where to begin to better manage their COPD or simply don't see the benefits in management techniques. Many patients attribute breathlessness as to what holds them back from exercise, or they fear further exacerbating their symptoms so they end up avoiding it in all. Or patients say they don't have enough time nor energy to cook healthy and nutritious meals, instead opting for unhealthy and low-quality drive-thru food. 
A step by step guide to help you totally master your COPD management. In a matter of no time you will be equipped with the knowledge
and guidelines on how to properly and effectively manage your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. From eating healthy to infection prevention, this guide has you covered.





How Dieting Can Boost Your Energy Levels and Help You Breathe Clearly

Staying clear of sugary foods, snacks and beverages not only keeps you from gaining unwanted weight. But maintaining a healthy diet will actually improve breathing and felt symptoms, boost energy levels and help your body fight off symptom worsening infections to make you an overall healthier person. COPD and diet tips go hand in hand. To keep your COPD diet healthy you should strive to eat fresh fruits, bright colored veggies, lean meats, chicken, fish, and vitamins and minerals with plenty of water. Eating a healthy COPD diet can mean different things to patients, as some patients have trouble gaining weight while others have trouble losing weight. Whatever your goal is, there are numerous mouthwatering COPD diet recipes out there for you to discover.  


The Fundamentals to Exercising with COPD Health in Mind

Against popular belief, exercising with COPD is one of the most beneficial things you can do not only for your fitness but your overall health. One of the biggest advantages of physical activity is that it slows down the overall progression of your disease. Overtime the results of exercising will be noticeable. Your endurance will increase meaning that you won’t get winded as quickly during basic daily tasks and even while exercising. Other noticeable improvements will be in muscle strength, energy levels and a maintenance of a healthy body weight. Not to mention the internal benefits that are unseen. Such as improved heart health, blood circulation, bone strength and lowered blood pressure to name a few.  

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How to Harness The Power Of Better Health Through Medications

Just like with any sickness or disease, medications are used to treat a myriad of symptoms to minimize their effects to get you healthy quicker. COPD is no different, COPD drugs are used to treat shortness of breath, control wheezing and coughing, and to prevent the occurrence of symptoms worsening flare-ups (exacerbations). Not following your doctor’s recommendations by avoiding consumption of either prescriptions or over the counter medications, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to infections or worsening symptoms. If you think you are better off without medications, here are some resources that will change your mind. 

How To Put Oxygen Mobility First With Oxygen Therapy

The days of lugging around cumbersome oxygen tanks that limit your mobility and overall lifestyle have officially come to an end! Instead your oxygen therapy treatment will be delivered through a portable oxygen concentrator. Their combination of lightness and rechargeable lithium ion batteries means you can run errands, catch up with friends or even travel by train, bus, car or plane. Never have to go through the grueling process of calling and waiting for a technician to come out and refill your portable oxygen tanks again! Plus oxygen tank safety is nowhere near the level of safety and reliability portable concentrators provide. If you’re not already convinced to upgrade your oxygen therapy for your COPD, here are some resources to help you make the transition. 


How To Maximize Infection Prevention

Day in and day out we are all exposed to millions of germs in the air we breathe and the things we touch. Sure as a non-COPD patient, the body can typically fight off the common cold with ease. But since you’re diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease you immune system is damaged and weak. More serious infections like influenza and pneumonia can actually help further progress your COPD at a more rapid rate. Resulting in an increase of felt symptoms and a further decrease in your overall lung function. Which is why it is so important not only for your treatment but more importantly your well-being to make infection prevention one of your top priorities. Still don’t see the benefits of viral and bacterial infection prevention? Here are some reputable resources that’ll change your mind. 


Better Breathing Techniques You Can Harness Immediately To Greatly Reduce Breathlessness

Breathlessness is a major symptom of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and as a patient you probably experience frequent bouts of shortness of breath throughout your day to day routines. Shortness of breath can result in you being forced to miss a fun family activity, cut your day short on a beautiful vacation or even hold you back from exercising. Sure regular exercise will reduce the occurrence of shortness of breath, but breathing techniques will help minimize breathlessness the instant it begins to occur. Here are some incredibly useful breathing technique resources to help you breathe clearly! Before performing any breathing techniques be sure to talk to your health care provider to see if these are right for you.


Definitive Tips to Protect Yourself From Symptom Worsening Lung Irritants

With a COPD diagnosis exposure to certain lung irritants can mean the difference between terrible breathing quality that restricts what you do and easier breathing that allows freedom and mobility. You may be wondering, what are the exact types of lung irritants I should be avoiding? Well not all patients are affected equally by lung irritants, some patients are affected by irritants that may not affect another patient as drastically. So make sure to pay close attention as to what specific irritants affect you the most and make it a main priority to avoid them. Here you will learn many of the common lung irritants that affect COPD patients the most so you can be sure to avoid them.  


How To Boost Energy Levels, Strength And Overall Health Rapidly

After a diagnosis you may feel overwhelmed, after all the life you have been living will no longer suffice if you want to live a long and healthy life despite having COPD. The most educational and most recommend treatment option is to enroll in a pulmonary rehab program. You will have a team of dedicated specialist that will give you the tools and knowledge on how to change your lifestyle into a COPD friendly one. Not to mention you will also be surrounded by like-minded patients that truly know exactly what you're going through. Learn the benefits pulmonary rehab can have for you with these exceptional resources. 

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