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Alice's Helping Heroes Nomination: John Curry

Jun 2, 2018 2:14:36 AM / by Cory Luckner


Welcome back to another installment of our Helping Heroes nominations, today we have John C. Curry a Navy Veteran who is also apart of the Oklahoma National Guard. John has been a dedicated servicemen who has put freedom before himself. Veterans are the most selfless people, they never ask to be rewarded for the sacrifices they make but here at the COPD Store we want to help them live the best possible life when they return. Want to help? Then head over to our Helping Heroes GoFundMe page and donate, hurry because the fundraiser ends July 4th. All donations and a portion of all accessory purchases from the COPD Store will be used to help provide active duty soldiers, veterans and veteran organizations with nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, home health aids and mobility devices to help improve the lives of our helping heroes. 

Name Of Your Nominee:

John C. Curry. 

Branch of Service or what they do if it’s an organization:

United States Navy and Oklahoma National Guard. 

What device or piece of equipment do you think would help the person or organization you nominated?:

Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator. 

What, if anything are they using now?:

He is using a large oxygen concentrator. 

Any other part of the story you’d like to share?:

While in the navy he was deployed to the Arabian sea aboard the USS Ranger and they had a big fire which killed 6 and injuring 35. John does not smoke and has never smoked in 2004 he was diagnosed with COPD since then he has been put on a bi pap machine and had to have an oxygen machine hooked up to the bi pap machine and so now it is so hard to take a overnight trip are a vacation and go somewhere because of all that equipment has to go. we have to take the bi pap machine the big oxygen machine and the portable nebulizer and it makes it so hard because we're afraid that we might damage the big oxygen machine and with the Respironics SimplyGo it would supply up to 2ml of continuous oxygen and it's portable and it can be used all night while plugged into the wall, also sometimes his oxygen level drops and if we are away from home I have to stop whatever I am doing so I can get him home to his oxygen and with the Respironics SimplyGo it also has the ability to provide oxygen on demand and it can be taken with us when we just run to town.

Do you know a helping hero? Nominate them today to help us provide them with much needed oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, lifestyle aids and mobility devices that so many of our brave service men and women so desperately need but are currently going without.  

Cory Luckner

Written by Cory Luckner

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